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Love, Respect & Gratitude


I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

for my teachers Pamela Wilson & Jac O'Keeffe

who have loved, guided, and encouraged me for many years.

And as I sat with my feelings they expanded to include

my Sufi teachers,

and Diamond Approach teachers,

especially Rosanne Annoni

some non-dual teachers,

and many other teachers for personal guidance,

and others, both known and unknown

who supported me

in this journey of self-discovery.


I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

for the wide variety of spiritual teachings that I've been introduced to;

theistic or non-theistic, eastern or western,

ordinary and extraordinary, ancient or modern

and their many representatives who support

and guide us with writings or recordings, prayers or meditations. 

All have contributed to my greater understanding.


I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

for the great lineages and religions,

for philosophers, sages, saints,

gurus, mystics, shamans and the like that produced for us

exemplars for the great range of possible human experiences.

I have learned from them all.

I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

for my parents, friends, and family.

For Kathy, my love, support, and fellow student for 50+ years

For our sangha, our community of spiritual friends

and students, who treasure and support each other in their

shared experiences of joy and suffering, confusion and clarity, 

love and misunderstanding. Learning together we are all,

as Ram Dass said, “just walking each other home.”


I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

to be reminded of our humanity and compassion for those who 

suffer the most. The confused or damaged souls, the victims 

of injustice, the outcasts, the unloved, the contrarians, 

and for those who suffer helplessly with them. 

We need these reminders of our shared oneness.


I feel love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude

for aging, infirmity, and death,

the untethering from our bodies,

as reminders of our true selves,

and the lessons that life provides.

And the mystery,

the ultimate unknown,

the surrounding darkness,

the ultimate invitation.

~ Dick

Awaken Me 


Awaken me

A prayer to awaken

To the only self

From the only self

The Buddha said “I am awake”


Since ancient times

Sages and Saints

Philosophers and Mystics

have each declared that

we are asleep


Awaken me

from eons of conditioning

from deep hypnosis

from slumber

from false beliefs

from dualistic judgments

from self-improvement

from stories of self

from habits of thought

from needing love

from separation

from suffering & discontent

from death’s shadow


Awaken me

Again & again

to silence

to stillness

to spaciousness

to naturalness

to not knowing

to freedom

to equanimity

to innocence

to fearlessness

to endlessness

to love & beauty

The taste of knowing remains as memory

The tease of gaining becomes a carrot

Tempting the seeker

Who’s grasping at wisps of smoke

Like groundhog day, over and over

One moment a sage

Another moment a puppet

As awakening unfolds


Awaken me

Over and over again

Rumi says “Don’t go back to sleep”

Remove the snooze button

Ever the recognition that  All is Well

Have patience


Awaken me

Hear my prayer Oh Self

Longing to rest in love

Longing for freedom

Longing to live in the lap of God.


Awaken me

to wonder & beauty

to oneness

to illumination

to happiness & contentment

to boundless love


There is no god, but God

When one with God

to relax and enjoy

to hold hands

A sacred kiss 


~ Dick

A Story


A story

In the beginning, from love

From singularity – this big bang, space & time

Then gasses, solids, & biology

From a single intelligent egg

Skin & bones, body & mind, inseparable

Wanting to Be: Love, Lover & Beloved

Some say it was from original sin

Or perhaps physical separation

Or even a twist in the dream

Or the 10,000 things

That individuality appears


Now you think this is your life

That it belongs to a “me”

A separate thing called ‘I”

That you cannot locate

That learned to believe

That it has some control


But did “I” choose:

Its time & place of birth

Its color, shape, or size

It’s health or strength

Its circumstances of life

Its beliefs of good & bad

And does this “I” have control 

Of external influences

Of its genetic inheritance

Of unseen, electro-chemical responses

Of limitations of the senses

Of its instinct to survive

Of the teachings it received

Of its six-million year inheritance

Yet “I” believes it has control

So it judges itself & others

Feels guilt and shame for it’s past

And blames & shames others

by the same learned standards

Thus denying true forgiveness

Love is overshadowed

Perception is blind to the sacred trinity

Love, Lover & Beloved

As one


Do you still believe that:

You can control your emotions

You can control your environment

(consider Covid-19)

You can deny your anxiety and fear

You can control your next thought

You can manage your control

So, the paradox is

You cannot do “letting go”

You can only change understanding 

Examine your beliefs, and surrender happens

Clarity appears

Something much greater than “I” is in charge

& you are That

Not the small “I”

But the greater Self

That cannot be named or defined

That can only be known

Thus trusted

And you can begin to relax

~ Dick

A different view - A different you


you were taught that you were in control 

you needed to control 

you needed to survive 

you had no choice but to accept this hypnosis

so you believe you have control and that you know

you were taught right & wrong

and it’s confirmed 

and you believe that’s what has kept you safe


but what if 

you’re not in control of anything

what if 

you have no independent will 

what if 

you’re just a character in this play of existence

destined to play your unique part

like a blade of grass, growing

like a field sparrow, singing

with no choice but  to follow natures lead, your nature

that includes your innocent body

wherever and however it extends

You’re invited to attend the play

to enjoy the play

to respond in whatever way the mind/body is able to participate

to love and to sin

to succeed and to fail

to laugh and to cry

to work and to play

to born and to die

you are free to watch

you are free to allow

you are free to enjoy

you are free to take time out

you are free to not know

you are free to know that all is well

because it has never been otherwise with nature

and you are nature itself

and deep inside you know this to be true

~ Dick



Love is recalled through the loss of old friends


Past four-score years 

of earthly living

reflecting on the recent passing 

of two old friends 

brings memories 

of warmth and affection


I wish to share 

reflections of love

and death


It seems so natural 

to fear one’s passing

to fear any pain or suffering

and to obey the survival instinct 

of our animal nature


Yet deeper still, the fear

the deep deep fear

the grandaddy of all fears

is that we fear

the loss of



Love we recall as

cherished feelings 

Memories we cling to

that bind us with 

this physical world


We fear love goes

like ashes

when our bodies 



Past four-score years 

of earthly living

I have discovered

when I think of death

I cannot but think of love as well

They bond together


Love I’ve known

flowers in spring

children and puppies

trees and clouds

young girls and boys displaying their youth

lovers and roadkill

innocent eyes in awe and amazement

hand-holding and reconciliation

aging lovers in quietude

happy hearts singing, chanting, dancing

resonant works of poets and scholars

dreaming oneself in music and songs

thunderstorms and babbling brooks

dragonflys and acorns

dying trees and quartz

telltale signs of animal neighbors

birdsong and distant laughter

reminders of friendship, present or lost

but not forgotten

Oh, how the heart clings

to all these love feelings 

that have blessed us so long

There’s something so precious

in friendship and family

husbands, wives, and partners

sons and daughters, grandchildren aplenty

Neighbors, community, tribe and nation

and the natural world endlessly

displaying aliveness


I treasure the love and 


of teachers and seekers

that share in this journey


Even news and reports 

of hate and destruction

suffering and horror

grief and isolation

shame and blame

buffered by mindless distractions

to shutter awareness 

from pain and death

Even the evening news

reveals love

if only we can see


It becomes known, revealed

seen or discovered

Love is endless.

Love recreates itself 

in everything

as everything

including you.

Even pain is love


Spiritual teachings all 

point to love

the beloved within

calling us home




more fundamental 

than concepts of mind

revealed only in the heart


The spiritual journey is

to bring forth that love

to become

before death


and discover that

love is the world


And the fear?

Where does the snake go when it’s seen to be a rope

or the desert mirage when it vanishes

or a belief when truth is revealed

Where do they go?

As ice disappears in warm water

so fear vanishes in love

We are like ice

destined to melt


Love is recalled through the loss of old friends


~ Dick

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