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The heart mentioned in the following quotes doesn’t refer solely to the physical organ, however, neuroscience reveals that the human heart, in addition to its more obvious life functions, possesses its own intelligence, termed the heart-brain, which interacts and communicates with the head-brain which in turn communicates back to the heart, continually exchanging information. This interaction influences brain activity and vice versa. While we are familiar with our experiences in the head center (thoughts, judgments, etc.) or the heart center (emotions and feelings), at deeper levels we can also perceive the heart as the spiritual or essential heart.


This change of perspective, or shift of attention, might be referred to as moving from, or dropping from the mind and opening into the heart. Here we realize that the heart offers a more reliable source of knowing  than the thinking mind, leading us from doubt and confusion to a direct understanding of our essential nature.


Our aim is to quiet the mind so that we can access and experience the spiritual heart that is already within us, where it revels itself as Self, love, and divinity. The following quotes underscore the importance of integrating the heart's wisdom with our intellectual understanding.  




The light which shines in the eye is really the light of the heart. The light which fills the heart is the light of God.

~ Rumi


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. 

~ Carl Jung 


The scholarly ones are furthest away from the real object of desire The more profound their minds maybe, the further they are .... This is the work of the HEART. Not the work of the head. 

~ Shams-i-Tabrizi 


Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered.

~ Osho


The enlightened one lives only in the Heart. When he/she moves about and deals with people and things, he/she knows that what is seen is not separate from the one supreme reality, the Brahman, the Self, what is Real.

~ Ramana Maharshi


Mind offers you a life with death at the end of it. But the Heart offers you life without end. You choose. If you choose Heart, then you become Heart. When you become Heart, mind will also become Heart. But you must make the first move. 

~ Mooji 


The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back. 

~ Ram Dass 


I looked in temples, churches and mosques, but I found the Divine in my heart.

~ Rumi


The source of energy within us, is our spiritual heart, not the physical heart, the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is not a chakra. It has absolutely nothing to do with chakras. The spiritual heart is on the right side of your chest, two digits from the center. This is the source of universal power.When you meditate and you are not practicing self-inquiry, you can meditate on the heart center, you should meditate on the heart center. When you're doing the I-am meditation, meditate on the heart center. Feel the I-am coming and going from the heart center. When you inhale and you say, I to yourself, feel it going into the heart center. When you say, "am," feel it going out of the heart center. When you practice visualization, if you want to visualize Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna, or somebody that you respect, see that person in your heart center.

The heart center is very powerful, for it is absolute reality itself. It is the absolute choiceless pure awareness that we always talk about. This is where the heart center is.Let everything return to the heart center. Don't hold back. When you think about surrendering, you surrender to the heart center. Surrender everything. Let go of everything.Let it all fall back into the heart center.This will give you freedom. This will give you joy. This will give you unalloyed happiness. The day will come when you understand that you are not the body, you are not the doer, you are not the mind. You are consciousness, all-pervading, omniscient, omnipotent, and you will find total freedom.

~ Robert Adams


Do not listen to the voice of the mind. Listen to the voice of the heart. Mind wavers; heart does not falter. Mind fears; heart is not daunted. Mind is the house of doubts, reasonings and theories; heart, when purified, becomes the dwelling of Beloved God. So get your heart rid of low desires, temptations and selfishness, and God will manifest in you as your own Self.

~ Meher Baba


Open our hearts that we may hear thy voice which constantly comes from within.

Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Ya Allah

~ Sufi chant


Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for.

~ Kabir


When the mind is empty the spiritual heart opens on its own

~ Stuart Schwartz


On this path let the heart be your guide for the body is hesitant and full of fear.

~ Rumi


If you could look inside the heart of any and every single human being, you would fall in love with them completely.

If you see the inside as it really is and not as your mind projects it to be, you would be so purely in love with the whole thing.

~ Mooji


I saw God when the heart was opened, and every veil that hinders soul’s eyes torn away, and one was I with Creator and with creature, and knew that Lover, Loving and Beloved were identical.

~ Samuel Lewis (sufi sam)


I use an expression, "Let the mind ask the question, let the heart give the answer.'' And the mind and the heart merge as one. You come to know that they were always undivided. There never WAS a mind. It was always the Heart. Just a little dance here or there and you know the Heart is everything. It is Everything.

~ Byron Katie


There is a notion that we left paradise a long time ago. But this secret garden was the Heart, always here, just waiting for our return.

~ Pamela Wilson

All of our feelings or emotions are communications from the heart: they are reflections and reverberations of the basic emotional tone of the heart, which is love. And no matter how far removed from that quality of the heart they might be, as reflections they have something to reveal. So if you don’t follow them—if you say, "This is a bad feeling; I should just feel good . . . I should just feel love"—then you're not listening to the messages of your heart. If you take any emotion and really study it and follow the feeling itself, you will find that it will ultimately take you back to your original movement of love toward the Beloved. 

~ A.H. Almaas


How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened.

~ Hafez


Let yourself be made new by your willingness to drop everything you know and float in the unknown sea of the heart.

~ Jeannie Zandi


HEART doesn't know what doubt is, heart doesn't know what BELIEF is- heart simply knows trust. Heart is like a small child; the small child clings to the father's hand, and wherever the father is going the child is going, neither trusting nor doubting. The child is undivided. Doubt is half, belief is half. A child is still total. Whole. 

~ Osho 


The purpose of life is to return to the source. The source is mysterious, glorious, peaceful, joy, which is God in everybody's heart. This is realization. We do not gain it. It is always there in the heart. Only the obstructions (vasanas) have to be removed to reveal it. 

~ Ramana Maharshi 


If you agree to let go of the branch you are clinging to without catching hold of another, you fall into the heart. You have to accept dying, letting everything you know slip away, everything you have been taught, everything you possess, including your life or at least everything that you think at this stage is your life. This requires daring. It's a kind of suicide. 

~ Francis Lucille 


Every heart assured of safety opens instantly. 

~ Tim Freke 


You are your own teacher. Looking for teachers can’t solve your own doubts. Investigate yourself to find the truth - inside, not outside. Knowing yourself is most important. The heart is the only book worth reading.

~ Ajahn Chah


By the opening of the heart, you can understand things. As long as the heart is closed, you cannot understand things. The secret is that, when the ears ... and the eyes ... of the heart are open, all planes of the world are open, all names are open, ... all secrets, all mysteries ... are unfolded. 

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan 


Be still. Stop struggling. Enter the holy shrine of your heart, and there find peace and joy. You have always been perfect and you will always be perfect. There's absolutely nothing you have to delete or add. 

~ Robert Adams 


Despite all of our limitations, it is simply the truth that freedom and peace, love and joy, wisdom and truth, in their highest capacity, are awaiting within the heart of every being to be remembered, embraced, embodied and celebrated. 

~ Isira 


Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for. 

~ Kabir 


There are certain practices that really help us cultivate a loving, trusting heart. Chanting, centering prayer, calling on help from enlightened beings, and just turning our attention to see what's really holding us now and in all moments, opens up a visceral sense of trust. The deeper our heart trusts Ð the more surrender happens - the more receptive we are to grace. 

~ Miranda Macpherson 


Do not TRY to open your heart now.

That would be a subtle movement of aggression towards your immediate embodied experience. Never tell a closed heart it must be more open; it will shut more tightly to protect itself, feeling your resistance. 

A heart unfurls only when conditions are right; your demand for openness invites closure.

This is the supreme intelligence of the heart.

Instead, bow to the heart in its current state.

If it's closed, let it be closed; sanctify the closure.

Make it safe; safe even to feel unsafe.

Trust that when the heart is ready, and not a moment before, it will open, like a flower in the warmth of the sun.

There is no rush for the heart.

Trust the opening and the closing too; the expansion and the contraction; this is the heart's way of breathing; safe, unsafe, safe, unsafe; the beautiful fragility of being human; and all held in the most perfect love. 

~ Jeff Foster


 The mind can discriminate and know, but it is the heart that ascertains whether it is the truth. . . .What makes you know that something is true is a sense in the heart - not in the mind. The mind can investigate, but cannot give you the sense of truth.

~ A H Almaas


Concentrating on the Heart is the same as concentrating on the Self. The Heart is another name for the Self. 

~ Ramana Maharshi


Everything that you can ever imagine that you want to be, you already are. You are the imperishable Self that has always been, that you always will be, beyond birth, beyond death, beyond experiences, beyond doubts, beyond opinions, beyond whatever it is your body is going through. Whatever thoughts your mind thinks, you are beyond that. You are the silence, the silence of the heart

~ Robert Adams


Always speak from the heart, never from the mind.

Your sincerity and courage will set an example for others too,

And by listening to you they will be inspired to reveal their own heart.

This "heart speaking" is a spiritual practice.

It means you must only tell the truth and live within your own boundaries and dimensions

Without ever bragging about things you won't ever be able to live up to or deliver to others.

Heart speaking will bring you a gift whenever you practice it.

You will always be right.

The heart knows but cannot tell; the mind doesn't know but can tell.

Stretch yourself to speak from the heart and bypass the mind.

You will see miracles boomerang back into your life.

~ Rumi


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