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Basic Trust

Let’s look further into what trust is. Let’s say that trust is what gives the security and the safety and the confidence to allow yourself to be open in a situation, allowing whatever is there to happen without resisting it, without having to protect or defend yourself against it. That’s a good operative definition of trust for now. Pamela Wilson offered this simple, but profound teaching that points to our need for Basic Trust.

You have only one job to do. Actually two: relax and enjoy. 

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

We are designed to be delightfully imperfect.

Any attempt at perfection is not trusting the Beloved. 

So actually you have three jobs: rest, enjoy and be imperfect.

~ Pamela Wilson


So we see Basic Trust as an essential quality needed in order to fully relax and enjoy your life. When I speak of Basic Trust I am not referring to having trust in someone or something, even oneself, but in having trust itself, without an object. It's more like having trust in the Universe; in Life itself. (some might say God, but this word introduces the danger of placing false trust in an believed object called God). Many of our practices have the intention and potential to help realize or rediscover basic trust. Some practices, such as meditation and awareness exercises, put us into direct contact with what many call our true nature, while various forms of inquiry serve to help us recognize the historical reactions and beliefs that have limited the full realization of our potential capacities. My personal experience has been the recognition that Grace has protected, pervaded and provided my life for over 70 years. Our lives become much richer as we come to trust that Life is fundamentally benevolent. 





If basic trust informs your experience, your psyche is relaxed. Your soul is at peace with itself and with your situation, resting in the unquestioned confidence that the universe provides, that you have, and will receive, what you really need, and that things are workable. If we really have this trust, this deep inner relaxation, it becomes possible to live our lives out of love, out of an appreciation of life, out of enjoyment in what the universe provides for us, and out of compassion and kindness for others and ourselves. Without it, we live our lives defensively, in conflict with others and with ourselves, becoming self-centered and egoistic. To find our basic trust is to reconnect with our natural state that we have become separated from. When we are innately infused by reality, our soul or consciousness is completely transparent to the truth that we and the universe are one, that we are supported by reality and that reality is by its very nature good, and that what happens is inevitably right since it emerges out of that inherent perfection. When you understand this, it becomes obvious why it is so difficult to relax and let go, and why it is so important regain our basic trust. 

~  A H Almaas 


Free of all belief we can live fully in trust to what is. Free from all belief, what is real and true arises effortlessly as it must. This world of trust is always open to us, if we are open to it. We are the very trust we seek. . . . The model of a fearless, trusting life has already been conceived and lived by countless men and women. . . Fear is the aberration, the exception in our human story. It is an aberration from reality itself . . . The realization of abiding trust is the end of a victim's life. . . .  The healing is in the seeing and clear seeing is wakefulness. 

~ Eric Gross from Trust in Liberation


Faith is stepping into the unknown and being comfortable with uncertainty and trusting your higher self

~ Deepak Chopra


Rest nakedly in truly not knowing. Until now we have opted for trusting our minds, images and ideas, rather than trusting the spaciousness from which all arises. What an opportunity is available now to trust the unknown spaciousness of the heart.

~ Gangaji


Everything is a gift on this unbreakable path that you call your life - the laughter, the tears, the times of great sorrow, the experiences of profound loss, the pain, the confusion, the times you believe you'll never make it, even the overwhelming heartbreak of love - even if you forget that sometimes, or cannot see that sometimes, or lose faith absolutely in the entire show sometimes.

But even the loss of faith in the show is part of the show, and even the scene where 'something goes wrong' is not indicative of the movie going wrong, and so you are always exactly where you need to be, believe it or not, even if you are not.

Life can be trusted absolutely, even when trust seems a million light-years away, and life cannot go wrong, for all is life, and life is all.

Understand this, know it in your heart, and spirituality is profoundly simple, as simple as breathing, as natural as gazing up at the stars at night and falling into silent wonder.

The universe is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

~ Jeff Foster


Life does not make decisions. The universe is not planning itself. It just unfolds. Look at this plant. It is without concern. It does not say, 'I think in a few days I will put a new leaf just here to my left.' The plant is not thinking. Its life is a spontaneous unfolding. Like this plant, our lives can unfold in effortless Grace and joy. Be open to the spontaneous. Trust and you will expand in trust, intuitive wisdom and natural joy.

~ Mooji


Don't trust what you have been taught, what you think, what you believe, what you hope. Deeper than that, trust the silence of your being. 

~ Gangaji.


Trusting that whatever brought you here will take you there is the end of all effort.

~ Wu Hsin


Trust - in your own fundamental goodness, in the goodness underlying all existence. This produces courage and true confidence to open into the unknown, trusting that all will be well even if we don't know how.

~ Miranda Macpherson


What further evidence is required to prove your complete distrust of  your god beyond the fact that you worry about tomorrow?

~ Wu Hsin


If you decide to trust your mind, you will have to keep deciding for the rest of your life. If you decide to trust your heart, it’s the last decision you’ll ever make.

~ Bentinho Massaro


I want what's best and I trust the universe, not my little brain, to be the judge of what's best and how best to make it happen.

~ Jed McKenna


If you desire greater peace in your life, simply trust that everything's unfolding exactly as it should.

~ Byron Katie


Trust in the power that knows the way. You see, you live in a universe which is self-existent, self-abiding, self-sufficient. This means that all of your needs are met from within. All of your needs are met from within! But this will only happen when you accept it this way. If you think that your needs have to come from a person, place or thing, you've always get a fight on your hands because you're hoping to get a better job or get some money in the bank or that someone will come along and help you with some problem. These are all erroneous thoughts. If you could only learn to rely on the Self, miracles would take place in your life! If you can only learn to rely on the Self. How do you learn to rely on the Self? By trusting life. Trusting life just the way it is. I'm not saying to trust certain people, or to trust certain conditions, certain situations. I'm saying just to trust life. To trust life you go beyond people, places and things. You trust the substratum of all existence. You trust Consciousness. 

~ Robert Adams


Have good trust in yourself… not in the one that you think you should be, but in the one that you are.

~ Taizan Maezumi Roshi 


If you do not trust life to unfold, the mind takes over and it becomes a game of strategy, motivated by anxiety. This mistrust is unfair. Life has given us so much, and yet we do not trust it.

~ Mooji


The greatest liberty is in having total trust in that final authority that makes the grass grow and our limbs, organs and minds work by themselves.

~ Ramesh Balsekar

Basic trust is a nonconceptual confidence in the goodness of the universe, an unquestioned implicit trust that there is something about the universe and human nature and life that is inherently and fundamentally good, loving, and wishing us the best. This innate and unformulated trust in life and reality manifests as a willingness to take that plunge into the abyss. When this trust is deep, it manifests in how you live your life, not necessarily in what you feel or what you think. Basic trust is experienced as an unquestioned sense of safety and security that is intrinsic to the way you act and live.

~  A H Almaas 


Heart doesn’t know what doubt is, heart doesn’t know what believe is- heart simply knows trust. Heart is like a small child; the small child clings to the father’s hand, and wherever the father is going the child is going, neither trusting nor doubting. The child is undivided. Doubt is half, belief is half. A child is still total. Whole.’

~ Osho


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