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"You have only one job to do. Actually two: relax and enjoy. 

It's a tough  job but somebody's got to do it.

We are designed to be delightfully imperfect.

Any attempt at perfection is not trusting the Beloved. 

So actually you have three jobs: rest, enjoy and be imperfect."

~ Pamela Wilson

Satsang, derived from ancient Sanskrit where "sat" means truth and "sang" represents the sangha or spiritual community, is a gathering of friends who come together to explore the possibility of living as fulfilled human beings in alignment with their authentic nature. It is a space where one can experience the natural freedom, love, and contentment that are inherent in our being.

Encouraged by the invitation and love from my spiritual teacher Pamela Wilson we have been offering these gatherings since 2008 to provide support those  interested in a non-religious spiritual community. Our inspiration comes from the common understandings of diverse traditions and teachings, such as Nonduality (Advaita Vedanta), Zen Buddhism, Sufism, esoteric Christianity, the Diamond Approach, contemporary psychology, neuroscience, and secular wisdom teachers..


At the heart of all these teachings, there is a fundamental understanding that we are more than just our ordinary body and mind living in a materialistic universe. Although the awareness of Spirit is intrinsic to human consciousness, it often remains hidden due to conditioned habits of mind and body. Satsang offers ways and means to investigate and overcome these obstacles, pointing us toward a profound awakening to a deeper reality that is both indescribable and life-changing. Some call this self-realization, a profound knowing of oneself in a new way that reveals itself as love, happiness, and contentment.

In our meetings, we encourage each person to explore their unique naturalness through practices such as stillness, inquiry, teachings, and dialogue. There are no requirements to embrace new beliefs; rather, it is about opening to the direct experience of Spirit that is available to everyone. Satsang is an opportunity to explore aspects of oneself that offer the possibility of a more loving, kind, and contented existence.

Our meetings are held in the home of Kathy and Dick Stewart in Eaton, New Hampshire, near the Maine border. We welcome new and occasional attendees, and everyone is invited to join us. Please check our schedule page for dates and directions.

Dick Stewart


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